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  • I will pay Rs. 300/= as a non-refundable registration fee . (Valid for maximum 12 months).
  • I will collect 50% of the 1st month and from 2nd month 80% onwards of my decided tuition fee by "Education Home Tutors" after a week of month completion through             Cheque, Cash or my Bank Account.
  • I will not ask any kind of advance tuition fee (Either from guardian/student or from "Education Home Tutors").
  • I will call to the parents/student immediately after getting the contact number or address of the classes from "Education Home Tutors" and will give the feedback to the      office shortly.
  • If I agreed to take the classes and after taking the details of the student/parents, if I refuse to start the classes from the given time schedule, I would be charged by Rs.            200 /= and might be terminated from the tutorial

  • Services or final last decision by Education Home Tutor.

  • I will take/teach the tuition with my full satisfaction and I will not discontinue the tuition before completion of 3 months or complete course of students. If I found to do            so, I would be charged by Rs. 500/= and will not be paid for the particular month and might be discharged from the services.
  • I will take full responsibilities of the students and I will take the classes regularly and punctually.
  • I will not discuss anything with the parents/students about the tuition fee and the terms and conditions held between parents and Education Home Tutors.
  • I will keep my mobile phone in the silence mode and will not attend any call or message during the class.
  • I will inform to "Education Home Tutors" in-case of 1. Taking leaves more than 3 days from the Guardian/Students 2. When tuition is dropped or discontinued by you or            parents/student.
  • I will not drop even a class but however if I miss the class then I will manage it on any other day but not in hourly basis. Because Education Home Tutors does not allow            the tutor to manage it in hourly basis. If I manage it hourly, the tuition fee for 2nd class would be deducted by 40% extra.
  • I will not misbehave with the parents or students.
  • I will not teach any new tuition preferred by the parents/students because Education Home Tutors reserves all the rights to receive all such tuition's/students.
  • I will follow all the instructions and terms & conditions of Education Home Tutors instructing occasionally and I will respect all the terms & conditions of Education Home      Tutors.
  • I will submit Xerox copy of my educational qualification, identity proof, two recent color photograph and other

  • Required documents in the office of "Education Home Tutor".

  • The tutor profile must contain with Tutor Photograph, latest updated Resume and present residing address and valid Mobile number,Email ID
  • The Tutor warrant that his/her e-mail, Mobile and other contact details are valid and will be and up to date when using the Website.
  • The tutor has to be conducted 1 or 2 max. demo classes at Student residence, once he/she get invitation from student/parent. The tutor must have convincing teaching           skills and good behavior with student & parents.
  • Selected Tutors do not share their selected tuition details with their friends / colleagues and do not invite them to the student's residence at the time of introduction /               Demo class.
  • The tutor profile may be blacklisted and barred from Education home tutor permanently if they violate any of our terms & conditions, sharing the student information with         unsubscribed tutors, furnishing false information in their profile etc. Tutors do not take/expect any advances from the Student/Parents.
  • Education home tutor reserves all the rights to change all or any of these above mentioned Terms and Conditions with or without giving any prior notice at any time.
  • I will not have a problem to show my name as a faculty on your web portal.

  • (Terms & conditions apply)